A fundraising as a service platform that allows schools and teams to raise funds by rewarding their supporters with Mobile Discount Coupons from local merchants.

Traditionally, fundraising through the sale of coupon books has been very effective and has raised billions in funds for schools around the globe. Proxim8 having now digitised this process has established a game changing #WinWin fundraising-as-a-service platform that enables fundraising a the drop of a hat.

# ProblemsSolved

Traditional Coupon BooksProxim8 Fundraising Platform
Direct marketing
Cash sales
Carry coupons with you
Manual tracking of sales
Digital marketing
e-Commerce site for online orders
Coupons stored and redeemed on mobile device
Instant and transparent online tracking of sales


Fundraisers Create a ready to launch fundraiser quickly and easily.

Supporters – Get much more value for your support than your total contribution

Merchants – Create goodwill in your community by supporting local schools, clubs, and teams

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